Sunday, September 27, 2009

Discontinuing My Blog

I am way behind in writing in my blog and it is boring for me to try and catch up and I don't have time. I don't think I will continue it. I will keep posting pictures on my Picasa web album, with comments, and keep up on my journal.

Here is a summary of what I have done since:

24th Rented a car and drove to Mackay to look for a car to buy, went to see Harry Potter, drove out to Eugella National Park, camped in hammock.
25th Hiked around Finch Hatton Gorge in Eugella National Park, looked at more cars in Mackay
26th Went back to Airlie Beach, Trevor kicked me off Tattoo, Tony and Dee's last night in Airlie, Ate Dinner with Tony and Dee at the barbecue, played cribbage with Tony (he beat me), hung my hammock on their porch to sleep for the night.
27th Sent some of my extra things to Melbourne so I didn't have to lug around so much crap, Ate ice cream, Started 'The Whitsunday Great Walk'.
28th Hiking the 'Great Walk".
29th Finished "The Great Walk", met Erin on the trail, she gave us a ride back to town, ate pizza, had drinks with Erin, slept at Magnums Caravan Park in hammock.
30th Did laundry, started drawing of palm tree while laying in hammock between two palm trees on the beach, met up with Erin, thought about buying her car, talked to Josh, slept at Magnums again.
31st Put bag in storage at Magnums, took bus out to Shoot Harbor, hiked out on the Swamp Bay Trail, skipped rocks and made dinner, Paul left for Mackay to go on a sail trip heading south, slept in hammock on beach between two Pandanas trees, LOTS of mosquito's!!

1st Wrote in Journal, Walked to Mt Rooper on trail, Did Yoga at the top, took bus back to Airlie beach and to grocery store, made dinner at Magnum's Hostel's kitchen, slept in hammock at their campground.
2nd Woke up in a great mood, sat under Gum (Eucalyptus) trees. Started a plant journal, wrote about and drew parts of the gum trees, walked around Airlie with a new light, sat in a shop called 'Amazing Place' reading books on Shamanism eath magic, used internet, went with Erin to Proserpine, walked around shops in Proserpine. Power went out in Airlie, traffic jam getting back in, got a call from people hanging out on their porch drinking beer, they offered us beer, ended up hanging out with them for a couple hours
3rd Worked on art book for josh on beach, went for a swim in lagoon, wrote on blog, using magnums kitchen and campground and storage (still for free), hung out with 'Guy' from Israel, his name really was Guy.
4th Worked on Art Book, Hung out by lagoon with Erin, won the wet T shirt contest at Morocco's!!
5th Walked around Saturday market, talked on the phone to Josh, played Israel card game with Guy, made friends with a a German, Indian and Australian, who helped me sell my 100 dollar drinking voucher at Morocco's, we danced to some great trance music, hung out with Sean from London
6th went for a swim with Erin, met up with Mason at Barracuda's, drove his van up the hill to the great walk trail head, made dinner, and camped out under a full moon
7th Went rock climbing at 'Honey Eaters Lookout', Drank rum drinks at 'The Rum Bar' and ate at 'Fish Divine' and ate 'prawns' which are just shrimp, and calamari. Took showers and had an early night.
8th Mason picked up his sister, I made some phone calls, planned to get picked up by Allen and head to Cairns to meet Andrew who had a van and need a travel partner, hung out on The Ron with Mason, his sister Eliza, and her boyfriend, Gary.
9th Decided NOT to travel with Andrew, stayed in Airlie Beach, hung out with this girl on the beach in my hammock, finished my drawing of the palm tree, met Erin at sailing club, went on 'Run Racer' a catamaran, for the Wednesday afternoon race, had a barbecue at Erin's, bought her car!! slept in car.
10th Drove car out to Shoot Harbor, hiked the 'Coral Beach' trail, did drawings, and writings about plants, made dinner while in bug net.
11th Went on a hike up to lookout, sang songs, sat buy trees trying to absorb their energies, wrote about and drew lots of plants, went back to Airlie, met up with Mason, Eliza, and Gary at food Court, had Indian food
12th FUN RACE!! Won Miss Figurehead!!
13th Left for Eugella in my car with Mason, Gary, and Eliza, hiked on Broken River Trail, very good day!!! Camped out in hammock
14th Drove to Finch Hatton George, hiked up the George, lots of swimming and beauty, great energies, ate dinner and slept in picnic area.
15th Drove back towards Airlie, went to Conway beach and drank coconut milk, went to Cedar Creek Falls, rock climbed naked up the falls, had barbecue, and cooper's stout, went to Cactus Jacks, had Margaretta's, sang talking heads songs on walk back to car.
16th Made yummy egg breakfast on barbecue, got rock climbing stuff organized for trip in my car, talked on phone to Josh and Mom and Dad for a while, ate Pizza, used internet, took Eliza and Gary to airport, left with Mason for Townsville for rock climbing trip
17th-23rd Rock Climbing Trip
24th woke up at cedar creek falls, went back to Airlie, used internet.
25th sold sailing trip for $200 dollars, played volleyball, used internet, hung out with Erin at Jamie's birthday dinner party
26th Spent most of the day talking to Josh on phone and on Skype, talked to Kim on phone for over an hour too! Then watched AFL finals, St Kilda vs. Geelong with Mason, his friend and Erin, Went on his friends tug boat, played slide guitar.
27th Today is my last Mother F'in day in Airlie Beach, I am heading up North/West To Darwin tomorrow. Going to Erin's Going away Barbecue, she is leaving for South America in a few days.