Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leaving the Farm

Sometimes I wonder how things can work out so perfect! Life is such a blessing! This morning I woke up with the sun in a very peaceful mood. I have been reading the book Seduction of Silence, a novel by Bem Le Hunte. It has helped me become more in touch with God and myself, who is just God in disguise and helped me realize that everything I need is right in front of me, I just have to look.

I got out of bed and made some tea and toast. Then I stretched and did a little exercise. I opened the door in my room that goes to a veranda outside. It was raining and very windy. I meditated in front of the door and sang pujas to Siva. The door closed after I stopped singing and I thought I would start singing again and maybe the wind would blow the door back open. After a while I realized that it was me that had to open the door. The message I took away from this was that my life is in my hands and if I don’t take control nothing will happen. Everything I need is out there for me to use. I just have to have the courage to reach out and use it.

After this thought I sent, Rud, my friend from Sydney a text message asking him if he knew anybody that would like to take me sailing. He rang me back and said his friends Neil and Deb are at the marina at Arely Beach sailing, and they would love to have me. I called Neil and he said I was welcome to come sailing with them whenever I want. They are sailing around the Great Barrier Reef with their kids, Nathan, 4-year-old boy and Claire, an 11-year-old girl. The kids are excited that I am coming.

I am going to catch a ride with Jane when she goes into Carins early Monday morning to sell the fish. Then I am going to couch surf with some people in Cairns for two nights. Then Allen, my friend the truck driver, will pick me up Wednesday and take me to Arley beach to meet up with Neil and Deb. We will leave the Marina Thursday morning and sail around the islands for a week or so. They have an extra bunk down where the kids are sleeping. It sounds perfect!! I can’t wait! It is funny how things just work out! I was just thinking of how much I would love to go sailing, AND I was thinking how it would be nice to be with a family with young kids! Well it was right in front of me I just had to find it!

I got a package in the mail today from Josh. He sent me an old book called To Far to Walk. We are going to paint, draw, write, glue, and cut the book, making it into a work of art! I took a class on turning books into art. We thought it would be a fun to send a book back and forth to one another working on it a little each time. He did a cool drawing in the back of the book. There was also a post card with a picture of the Tetons and a letter about his adventure climbing the Tetons. Getting this package put me in an even better mood! Ben and I got the day off and were driving to Port Douglas while I was reading his letter. I felt so happy looking out the windows of the car, thinking about how lucky I was.

In Port Douglas I tried to use a wireless Internet connection to post my pictures. Something was wrong with I photo, it wasn’t letting me up load the photos. The only way I could upload them was one by one. I was only able to load 15 pictures on to my picasa web album before we had to leave because we had to get back before dark to cross the crocodile river! Check out my pictures at:

Once back at the farm I continued to drill holes in seeds and make necklaces for my sweet mother and sisters back home. It is fun to make the necklaces, but my fingers hurt after a while from drilling. I only have one more to make. Hopefully I will get it done before I leave Monday, early in the morning with Jane to take the fish to Cairns, and then meet up with Neil and Deb.


  1. The sailing trip sounds great Mal.. I knew it would work out perfectly! Can't wait to see your pictures. Hope to talk to you soon. Maybe on skype if you get good internet soon. Loveyou.

  2. Great, Mal. I'm glad for you to be with a family on a sailing trip!
    Have a good time!
    Dad says, "You're so philosophical!"
    ....It was right there in front of me!
    I enjoyed talking to you last night on skype.
    :-* mom

  3. its august 19th. WHERE ARE YOU MAL ?!?! will missyou at the reunion.those thompsons may have done the trail,but you will surely be the topic of many conversations!!!