Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I decided it was to hard to write emails to everyone and it would be much easier to make a blog. It is called Rambling Thoughts because I tend to ramble a lot. Read as much as you want but you may get bored after a while. I do try and make it interesting. I am mostly writting for myself, so I can remember my trip and reflect about it. I hope you enjoy! If you want to see my pictures from my trip with Steve and Josh out west they are on my picasa picture web page: Right now I only have access to dial up internet so it may be a little while until I post more pictures. But when I do I will put them on the picasa webpage as well. I love and miss home already, but I am going to take advantage of my oportunity to travel, thanks for all of your support. Please write me when ever you want, my email is I also have a cell phone if you want to call or text, the number is 04 0823 8647, but to reach me from the US dial: 011 614 0823 8647. The 011 just gets you out of the US, then 61 is the country code, and for some reason the zero gets dropped when dialing from the US. If you set up a skype account it doesn't cost that much to call my cell phone and when I have access to a faster computer I can use skype as well, skype to sykpe is free. If you just google Skype and follow the instuctions to set up an account you can call from any computer that has internet connection. Enjoy!

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