Monday, January 11, 2010

Hitch Hiking to Melbourne

We just spent 3 days hitch hiking down the coast form Sydney to Melbourne. That was the coolest hitch hiking trip I’ve ever done. It was surprisingly easy to get rides here. We never had to wait more than ten minutes or so before someone would pull over. And everyone was so nice too. Just about everyone who picked us up at least invited us over for a cup of tea, or would drive us around a little extra and show us cool places to camp, or stop by really cool beaches to go for a dip along the way. One fellow, Dennis even let us spend the night on his moored Yaught! It was a much better way to get between the two cities than driving strait through the night, not being able to see anything, not making any stops. We cooked up a bunch of rice before our trip and made sushi every evening on the ocean somewhere. Some of the beaches had such clear water and sparkling white sand, it was incredible. We were wishing we had goggles or something, but even with out them you could still open your eyes underwater and see pretty far. I think the longest I’ve ever stayed underwater was when we stopped by Jervis Bay. They claim to have the whitest sand beach in the world, which if it wasn’t, it was pretty close. I remember being underwater for a while thinking, I could live underwater here, this would be pretty nice.

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