Monday, January 4, 2010

On the train back to Sydney

We are on the train back from the Blue Mountains. We ended up camping at our little paradise site at the base of the falls for three nights, hiking around a bunch each day. Yesterday we explored around the valley of the waters and hiked a couple trails connecting that watershed to the one we were camping on. There were many equally beautiful waterfalls cascading down this impressively steep valley. It rained and misted pretty much the whole day, but it was still beautiful. The trail we followed to get there went along the top of the cliff connecting the two. Although the fog was really thick, some of my favourite views were where all you could see was a portion of another cliff peeking out through the fog. It looked something like the floating mountains from the movie Avatar, for those of you who have seen it.

This morning on our way out we hiked out again to the valley of the waters and swam around and bathed in some really nice swimming holes we found in the gorge, we ran into a team of three guys rappelling off some of the waterfalls. It sounded like the valley turned into a canyon and continued a further km or two past where the trail left it. I bet there is lots of great canyoneering in the blue mountains if you know where to look. I thought it was Ironic that here on the other side of the world, these mountains were named almost the exact name as the Blue Ridge Mountains back home for exactly the same reason. The way the mountains hold a striking blue hue to them, particularly after a rain. It reminded me that we are still on the same planet.

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